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Common Resume Problems And How To Fix Them

Due to differences between computer systems and software compatibility issues, you will likely experience formatting issues that cause your Microsoft Word résumé to look different from the Adobe Acrobat PDF file of your résumé. This is normal in Microsoft Word as the software adapts to the Continue Reading »

Why Do I Need My Résumé In Multiple Formats?

As a service to my clients, I provide three formats of the final resumes. I’m often asked which resume is best in particular circumstances. Here is a brief overview of the formats you will receive, and how each is used: • The Microsoft Word format is the most versatile. It is an editable Continue Reading »

How Do You Ask For A Higher Salary?

If you’re getting a job offer — and salary discussions usually don’t happen unless you’re a serious candidate — negotiation is an expected part of the process. What’s the worst that can happen? You may not get all that you’re asking for. You may only get some — but that’s more than you started Continue Reading »

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